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There are some days where I think, no, my life isn’t interesting enough to post to my blog. But then I remembered that it’s a blog, and it’s free, and I’ve shaved all these levels of abstraction away so all I need to do is type some words and hit one button and they appear on the internet, and I think, run-on sentences make for poor writing but this is my blog man, and sometimes the thought needs to get out of the way so a good thought can come through, a run-on sentence full of half rambling nonsense needs to get out of my head and onto the internet so that a better thing can get by later, and even if that later never comes I should still do the work just in case, because I should believe in the process, this idea that good thoughts and good writing follow rough thoughts and poor writing, typo-riddled and slapdash, quick, quick, quick, unfinished and unrefined.

But even then I go back and fix the typos.

Posted on 9/11/2018   #toots  

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