The season of reconfiguration

So this year I wanted to see if I could theme out my year a bit (thanks Cortex). But a whole year seemed like a lot, so I tried to just do a season. One of the most fun parts of this whole exercise was naming it, and I came up with a good one: The season of reconfiguration.

My general theory was that I would try to be conscious of habits, tools, workflows, and schemes I was doing and to see if I could swap them out with different ideas or do without them entirely. There were also some new things I threw in just to see if they’d stick around in my life.

As I’ve gone, I’ve written about a good number of them:

On top of that, there’s a few things I haven’t yet written about on this blog:

All of these have changed my everyday life in the last few months. Some of them in big ways, some small, and some have worked out, while others have failed. Some I’ll go on about in updates, and some I’d rather not talk about (mostly because it’s boring even to me. I mean, the Fitbit kinda works, but so what?). But looking at this list of things I haven’t yet written about gives me a few ideas.

Writing all this down has also made me realize it’s actually been a huge three months of personal development, and I should probably slow down for a bit. So, for this season, I’m planning on it being more of a season of 1.1. Tiny tweaks, little things. More on that later.

24/4/2018 · Personal · Season of

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