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All posts tagged toots: I’m so tired you guys.  ·  14/6/2019 So today my AirPods lasted for two hours and 16 minutes.  ·  7/6/2019 Weird iPhone XR habit.  ·  21/3/2019 Holedown on iOS kept my mid-game save state while moving from one phone to another.  ·  21/3/2019 Hello  ·  10/2/2019 When you write a 1,200 word blog post helping yourself make a purchase decision, and you figured the answer would end up being yes, but through the research the answer ended up being no, do you still put up the post?  ·  16/1/2019 Instagram TV looks like YouTube but when you’re not logged in.  ·  15/12/2018 I took a sick day.  ·  7/12/2018 Nothing makes you miss the AirPods you forgot at work than having to fiddle with corded headphones with a fall jacket on the subway.  ·  21/11/2018 I’m on vacation.  ·  10/11/2018 There are some days where I think, no, my life isn’t interesting enough to post to my blog.  ·  9/11/2018 Shortcut update  ·  27/10/2018 It drives me crazy that OneNote insists on rich text editing while at the same time forcing “straight” quotes.  ·  26/10/2018 I can tell I’m beginning to feel a bit better because I’m enjoying the book I’m writing.  ·  19/10/2018 Shortcuts news and help  ·  16/10/2018 Halloween ideas 2018  ·  14/10/2018 We’re in the Fart Apps period of Siri Shortcuts.  ·  10/10/2018 quick book update  ·  9/10/2018 Siri Shortcut Alert Timeout  ·  9/10/2018 And with a clever Siri Shortcut, I can send a quick little message like this to my blog in as many taps as it used to take to tweet.  ·  8/10/2018 I’m working on a shortcut that’ll allow me to post “tweet” style posts here.  ·  8/10/2018 This has been the most relaxing thanksgiving of my entire life.  ·  8/10/2018