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Recent podcast appearances

2015 may be my lightest year of podcasting yet, but it’s definitely my lightest year of not shutting up about podcasting. So I was naturally excited to get invited on two podcasts in the last few weeks that let me do just that. First up, I was interviewed by Mike Beasterfeld on the excellent Better Know a Jackal. The interview is ostensibly about how I got into enjoying podcasts, but we go into all sorts of topics surrounding the medium.

Then, only last week I was on Chris Enns’ Show Me Your Mic. There, I talked about what happened with my failed attempt at creating a podcast network. Show Me Your Mic is a great show, but it’s mostly filled with people with lots of talent who have done amazing things. I figured I’d just go ahead and wreck the curve.

Posted on 27/4/2015   #podcasts  

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