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Morning, Computer

So I was reading Warren Ellis’ blog this morning, and he had this post about status pages. I don’t know how interested I am in the idea, tbh, because nobody looks at your website but yourself 99% of the time (even famous people. How often are you going to https://drakeofficial.com/, even if you love Drake?).

However, he linked to this Felix Krause’s status page, which is interesting in colophon explanations at least:

Trip data comes from nomadlist.com Mood data comes from my mood bot How do I travel? I live out of a suitcase

I got the most out of the last link, where he explains how he lives. It’s a fascinating walkthrough of solutions to problems I never thought of when you’re travelling just about every day, such as how he gets his physical mail. Spoiler: he uses a service that opens your mail and scans it to you.

I started the day reading the blog of a writer who generally gives great advice about staying offline and doing good work, and breadcrumbed my way to my latest dystopian nopenopenope.

Posted on 20/11/2018   #links  

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