Keeping a Logbook

Here’s an old link. On Keeping a Logbook by Austin Kleon:

But more importantly, keeping a simple list of who/what/where means I write down events that seem mundane at the time, but later on help paint a better portrait of the day, or even become more significant over time. By sticking to the facts” I don’t pre-judge what was important or what wasn’t, I just write it down.

I do this in a few places. I write in a bullet journal every day. I knock tasks off with Things 3. I collect links for this blog. But there’s nowhere where all of these things get collected.

I’m building a machine.

in iOS13, there’s a greatly expanded set of automations in the shortcuts app. It may enable me to make a logbook of all the things I do on my phone. And since my phone is my primary computer, it’ll go a long way to automatically log my day. Here’s some of the things I’m trying to build:

Apps I’ll be using

These posts will be called Logbook [date]”. I don’t know if these are things I’ll actually publish openly or not. Maybe the first few. We’ll see how it goes.

16/7/2019 · Wellness · logbook

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