iOS Shortcuts, September 2018

Shortcuts launched this month, but it doesn’t come with iOS 12 or new phones. You have to decide to download it, which means it’s not going to be as popular as other new and more obvious iOS 12 features. But Shortcuts is the reason to be on iOS 12, and its the most interesting feature set to come to the iPhone in years.

Shortcuts lets you build little instruction sets, and assign them to a single tap (either in the app, on your home screen, or in your widgets menu), or to a Siri command. They can be dumb simple, like my Indoors & Outdoors commands, which just sets the volume to levels I find comfortable for the context. Or they can be more complicated, like an entire morning routine that turns on all your dinguses.

If you’re on an iPhone and have Shortcuts installed, clicking on any link in this post will take you to the Shortcut, which you can install and use.

Here are the Shortcuts I’m using this month:

If these sound boring, it’s because all they do is take a few taps and swipes and simplify them into a single tap. I think that kind of thing is what computer progress is mostly about, though. As time goes on and people build on one another’s ideas, Shortcuts will become more interesting. It might just give us the Jetsons future our Grandparents thought we’d have by now.

19/9/2018 · Shortcuts · technology

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