Best Windows Phone Apps, late 2018 edition

Hahahahaha. Yeah, I know. It’s super dead. Not coming back. No way.

This isn’t a list to get people to buy one of these or use them or whatever. It’s a list for people who have one lying around and still might find use for a second (or third) device that does some neat things. Windows Phone was good. It had great ideas. Apple is using lots of them.

Windows Phone was, and still is, just like this weird fetish object for me. I’ve owned six of the suckers. The one I carry around these days is the Lumia 1520. I pair it with a bluetooth keyboard and it’s basically a laptop.

This’ll probably be the last of these kinds of lists. Pulling double duty: all of these apps work with Windows 10, and they’re often the best solution in their class.

12/10/2018 · technology

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