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Routine Shortcuts

I use Shortcuts on my iPhone every day. I like gimmicky shortcuts as much as anyone, but the ones that give me the most value are routine-style shortcuts, the type you likely hit once a day around the same time. Here are the ones I’ve made. Clicking on the header while on your iPhone or iPad will install the shortcut. Some of them have sub-shortcuts, also linked.

Routine Shortcuts

Good Morning



This is for when I’m riding my bike instead of taking transit.

Morning Prep

For when I’m at work but haven’t started an actual task yet.


Pomo Break



Afternoon Prep

For when I’m coming back from lunch but haven’t started an actual task yet.


GTS Routine



Using these shortcuts allows me to keep Toggling running 24/7, which means my weekly email from them is far more useful. Mainly, though, these were things I was often doing manually before Shortcuts showed up. It’s actually what led me to make them like this. It’s the advice I give people who are having trouble thinking of ways Shortcuts can benefit them: think of the things you do over and over and automate that. It’s boilerplate advice about computers, sure, but it’s true here. Your iPhone is a computer. Let it help you.

Posted on 13/3/2019   #Shortcuts     #technology  

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