The transition

If you follow me via twitter, RSS, or Tumblr, you should check out the site. I gave it a coat of paint. I also gave it a new tag line. There are reasons behind this.

I’ve been writing about pro wrestling in this style since 2007. I think people like what I do. My voice is my most valuable tool, and that comes from the kind of research I do and the topics I find important. I like the balance I’ve struck between curated links and thoughtful articles.

I’ve received a lot of criticism on what I say. Most of it has been based on how I approach wrestling. A lot of wrestling fans bristle at my theories, because most of what I say defies the internal logic of what they’ve believed for so long. To sum up, I believe, as Hamlet did, that the play is the thing. I believe pro wrestling shows a truth back to us we’re often afraid to face. It reflects and mutates our gestalt to the point where we can be moved.

Pro wrestling is barbarism, combat, and violence on exhibit, evolved and moulded for the viewer. It brings us catharsis and strives to set us free. Mostly, it shows us that where we once needed real violence, we instead only require a simulation. In fact, the simulation can be better. It can be preferred, if only because it can be guaranteed.

As my friend Rich Thomas mentioned on our show last week, WWE owns PPV partially because Mike Tyson’s fights—as immensely cathartic as they could be—were, on average, two minutes long. Guarantees are more lucrative than authenticity, both financially and emotionally. This is why television works the way it works. This is why news works the way it works. This is why politics and war and the media work the way they work.

The one major criticism I’ve received while writing this blog is that my subject matter is not broad enough to satisfy the way I write. I’ve chosen to talk about the theatre and politics of pro wrestling for two years because I felt like it needed to be explored. I’m not done exploring it, but I feel the time is write to begin taking my approach to a broader base of subjects. This is why you’re going to see posts from me about guns, politics, war, and other kinds of theatre. This is the trigger word for me: theatre. At the end of the day, I consider myself a dramaturge. This informs my writing, and how I look at the world. I want to begin talking about other things.

For the most part, the subject matter will lie at the intersection where disruptive theatre changes how we live our lives. I’ve wanted to expand the topic of this blog, but steadfastly kept pace until I could find an angle with teeth. I think I’ve found it, and I hope you like what I present.

To answer the two questions that should arise from this post: First, I will still write about wrestling from time to time, but that’ll no longer be the bread and butter of the site, and while I will not be changing posts in the archives, but I will be changing tags to better future-proof all old posts. Secondly, the podcast with Rich will continue, since we both enjoy it a ton, though I wouldn’t be surprised if we sometimes chat about other things at times (as we’ve done).

I want to finish off with a quote I think sums up a little what I’d like to do, from a stencil by Mogul: If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth politics.

See you soon.