The Salvation of Impact

Mark Madden on how to rebrand Impact:

Don’t be surprised if Hulk Hogan re-signs.

Not a chance.

Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy should be the only big-money stars kept: Angle because he’s a dependable in-ring fulcrum with huge name recognition, Hardy because of high upside.

“Hardy because of high upside.” There’s some claim chowder if I’ve ever heard any.

Make Ric Flair a manager.

They did that, last year.

One knockouts match per show, period. De-emphasis. The interest and talent just aren’t there.

Good to know the xenophobe is also a sexist.

By the way, I had to type out those quotes, because Wrestlezone has some ridiculous ad spot that not only animates for 20 seconds before showing any content, but frames over all the text with a link. It’s an awful way to treat a reader.

If you missed it, I already talked about what I’d do if I were in charge of TNA.