Professional wrestling has long been described as a soap opera for men. This metaphor is based around the idea of continuing dramatical story lines being placed upon brutish alpha-male characters who would not necessarily garner such drama if not for being in an arena where their violence is scripted. In a sense, the only reason that Kane ever had a girlfriend in college (that he subsequently murdered) was because he wasn’t fighting HHH for the two-month-old world heavyweight title for real. If he had been, none of that nonsense would have occurred. This is why we, the faceless, anonymous scribes on the internets complain about these kinds of horrific insults to our intelligence. The fact is, though, we believed his hype. We do consider it sports entertainment (a wonderful example of the whole not living up to the sum of its parts), and we do consider WWE a glorified male soap opera. But we’re completely wrong on both counts.
— International Object, coming sooner and sooner.