Presenting Fair to Flair

2.22.11. #Fairtoflair.

If you’ve been on Twitter the last few days and follow any of us, you’ve likely been curious as to what this is all about. Tonight, you find out. Tonight, you can be let in on the secret.

Jason, Mitch, Razor and I are starting a wrestling website. It’s on Tumblr, because the Tumblr Wrestling Community is important. It’s exclusive at the moment, but submissions will become a thing soon enough.

This idea has been a long time coming. You can read my first article to see how long the road has been. You can read Jason’s introduction, to get a better idea of our plan. You can read Razor’s first post to see why the PG era has helped us. And you can read Mitch’s post about Coke and WWE, because it’s a great beginning to an argument about business practices and manipulation. This is the sort of thing we’re going to be doing. It’s never been done before. I believe we’re four of the strongest voices in professional wrestling journalism, and I think this site is going to be a groundbreaking success. It’s my hope that it will change the conversation and help improve the image of both the art form and its fans.