International Object 120: You Have to Go Back to the Basement with special guest Mikey Llorin

Mikey Llorin joins Sawyer Paul to discuss the new Apple products and direction coming out of the September 9 special event. They discuss iPad Pro vs Surface, design apps, and the effect of evangelism. Later, the conversation shifts to wrestling, and how difficult it can be to be critical when nobody wants to hear it. 

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International Object on hiatus

There hasn't been much International Object content this year. I've been trying to find time for it in my schedule, but there just isn't any. I'm working on a novel right now, and I don't anticipate focusing any energy on wrestling writing until that's done. I'm not going to shut down the blog or move it anywhere else. This is it's permanent home, and where any new content will live. It just won't be a for a while.


Just found out my wife is a closet die hard WWE fan

Mufasa on Reddit:

Apparently she's been secretly following the sport and watching it behind my back, because she thought I would judge her. I don't care at all its actually kinda cool that she likes it because she said she would rather go watch a wrestling match than a musical on broadway.

This guys' going to be really disappointed when he finds out wrestling is a lot closer to a musical on Broadway than a sport.

Bash at the Beach 2015?

The Observer, via Brandon Stroud:

The WWE network, besides doing overseas live specials like they did from Tokyo, is looking into doing a live show on the beach, similar to the first WCW Bash at the Beach on Huntington Beach about 20 years ago.

I'm a longtime fan of WCW's often strange set designs and locale decisions. Bash at the Beach was WCW's production at its best.

WWE has never held the same mentality. They want every show to look the same, no matter the arena. Wrestlemania has been the exception, but even that event used to look pretty same-y. Can you tell the difference between Wrestlemania VII and any other show from 1991?

If I had to guess who's behind this, I wouldn't look too far past that wrestling history dork HHH.

A detail from nXt this week

Their upcoming special in Brooklyn has a theme song. WWE PPVs have had theme songs since the 90s, but this is the first nXt special to have one. They're doing the show in a fairly large arena, and have already sold enough tickets to make it the biggest nXt show to date.
I think this third brand thing is actually working this time.

History repeating itself with Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart

Joseph Lee:

Bret Hart is on his way to meet with Vince McMahon about replacing Hulk Hogan on Tough Enough. According to WZ, it’s a “very strong possibility” that Bret will take over. It was previously rumored that Ric Flair would replace Hogan. Other names discussed include The Miz, Chris Jericho or rotating the coaches as judges.

When Hogan screws up, who's the best guy to call? Who's the least Hogan of anybody?

Also, I totally called it.

While we're on the subject of racism

Peter Finocchiaro:

The skit in question came as DX was feuding with another wrestling stable called “The Nation of Domination,” a predominantly Black group of wrestlers then led by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

As DeVega points out in his piece, a string of WWE documentaries have celebrated D-Generation X for its “envelope-pushing” gimmick, and specifically featured video of the black-face routine, apparently without compunction.

If we're going to start firing people for racist behaviour, there's a lot of kindling right at the top. However, my bet is HHH and Vince McMahon will probably still have their parking spaces tomorrow. 

Hulk Hogan out again

Marlow Stern:

As Hulkster is set to go to trial in a $100 million personal-injury lawsuit against Gawker Media, which posted video of a sex tape featuring Hogan, it’s been revealed late Thursday night that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has scrubbed most mentions of its hall of fame wrestler from their websites and online stores.

You'd think that would be a tough thing to just delete every bit of Hulk Hogan from WWE, but nobody is better at erasing a person from their wares than WWE, and there isn't a person they've erased more often than Hogan. I bet there's just a big red and yellow button in the control truck. 

Pro Wrestling isn't ready for criticism

Not related to anything, but just something on my mind. Criticism isn't something pro wrestling seems ready for. You can either love wrestling, or have nothing to do with it. 100% of the popular things I've written have been positive articles. Anything pertaining to negativity has either had no reaction or worse. The worse being the "if you don't like it, leave" mentality. Please let me know if you have found it to be otherwise.

Why WWE Is Reportedly Doing More Apron Bumps

Marc Middleton:

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials are now having talents do more bumps on the apron, which is actually the hardest part of the ring. For what it's worth, Meltzer noted that this new idea of doing more apron bumps is directly related to Ring of Honor.

Big E's apron splash was the move of the night, but a dozen spots is overkill on one show.

WWE's Tyler Breeze talks about his success and the NXT phenomenon

Scott Fishman:

Breeze is also one of NXT’s longest tenured members of the roster. This means the athlete has looked on as others get called up before him, some in less than a year after signing. It has served more as motivation than disappointment.

“You can’t get frustrated by stuff like that,” he said.

There's no way WWE doesn't know what they have with Breeze. You can read his upcoming match with Jushin Thunder Liger as a reward for good behavior.

John Cena overcomes odds, consumes Kevin Owens' push

Caleb Baumgartner:

Regardless of what direction this goes in now, last night’s finish did nothing but hurt Kevin Owens’ credibility. The best that can happen is that WWE finds a way to make it quickly forgotten, but one should know better than to think we won’t see endless replays of Cena’s brave and heroic victory.

At worst, Owens will slowly lose his spot until he’s the next fat dancing goof on the roster, following in the tradition of Rikishi, Brodus Clay, and Tensai.

Reminds me of CM Punk's response to an interviewer when asked if his WWE tenure would be uneventful, like Shannon Moore: "Then I'll buy a house, like Shannon Moore." Push or not, future or not, Kevin Owens just worked three straight months with the biggest name in contemporary pro wrestling. Unless he's a bozo negotiator, he's taking care of his family just fine.

Yes!: My Improbable Journey To The Main Event Of WrestleMania

Bill Jones:

Yes depicts a persistence of style, a focus, and a commitment while recognizing his shortcomings. He would rather be the “starving artist”—a great wrestler—than untrue to himself in finding monetary success. Fans respect that. And fans speak with their money.

I'm skeptical of any wrestling autobiography not written by the author. Ghostwriters can be necessary to make a story readable, but they're often so flat they suck all the fun out of it. There's a reason Foley's books are considered the gold standard. I'll leave this one alone for now. Check back in a month or so.

Seth Rollins opens up on the challenges of being the WWE champion

FTW: Is it weird for you at all to see athletes in other sports with the WWE title?

Seth Rollins: It’s cool to see athletes look at our title as the title. We have an iconic belt that symbolizes our championship that’s so well renowned in other walks of life that these other athletes think it’s cool to have their own WWE title. I think that says a lot about WWE’s legacy. It’s pretty sweet.

Athletes in pro sports have been brandishing WWE titles for a long time, but I don't think it has anything to do with WWE specifically (unless WWE is doing the legwork getting their titles in the hands of athletes). I think the reason athletes like the championship title is pretty simple: It's meant for a single person. Sports trophies are for the team. A belt is for you. It's why football players will wear a Superbowl ring, but you don't exactly see World Series winners carrying around a small weird crown of pennants.

Vince Russo old, delusional

Noted wrestling company murderer Vince Russo has gone ahead and written another blog.

Russo says a bunch of nonsense, but you shouldn't read any of it. I just wanted to highlight Widro's tagline.

Dudley Boys old, delusional

Devon Hughes:

“I understand that they want the future. But without the older generation that paved the way for these young guys to come, you’re not going to have it. Wrestling is a lost art, so you need the older guys like us to help show the younger guys how it’s done. I don’t understand it, though I know it needs to be on their terms.”

Maybe the Dudleys' wrestling style is a lost art. We sure do have fewer top rope headbutts to the crotch now.